dovahjedisaiyan asked:

Hi, I had lost 96lbs but recently due to a strong lack of motivation I've gained back about 40lbs in a 6 month time period. And one reason I started following this blog was to help feel motivated, and I'm having trouble going back to my diet and exercising. Is there anything you'd recommend to get back into it?

gymaaholic answered:

That’s normal.

You looked at your past results and unconsciously you thought “Oh I’ve did great, I don’t have to work hard anymore

Don’t worry we’re “all" like this unconsciously. We’re satisfied by what we did in the past, so we stop being hungry getting shit done. It doesn’t only apply to fitness, it’s about everything.

But it’s time to grow up brah. I mean, seriously. Think about what will happen in 20 years. When your children will ask “hey dad, what did you do during your life?” and you will answer “I wanted to do this, but I was too lazy. Then I wanted to do that, but I wasn’t motivated enough" nomsayin

I’m not trying to be rude brah, I hope you’ll understand what I’m saying (it’s more than just fitness)

Yeah life is hard, but it’s hard for everything and some people are living a worst life than us and aren’t complaining

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